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High and Volatile Oil Prices:

A Study of 2012

In 2012 the leading benchmark for world oil prices, B rent, was both high and volatile. Volatility was exhibited day-to-day, and over the year there was an extraordinary $35 spread between the highest and lowest points.

The Impact of High and Volatile Oil Prices on the Super-Majors:

A Study of 2012

High Brent prices present a paradox for the six oil ‘super-majors’. Revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars per year have made the six dominant companies enormously cash-rich and their market capitalisations vast, ie. the number of outstanding shares multiplied by their value.

The impact of high and volatile prices on oil majors.pdf

In September 2012, two years after the G20 asked regulatory bodies to investigate the role of the oil price reporting agencies (PRAs). The final report has – surprisingly – suggested retaining the current status quo.

Regulating Oil Prices

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Falling Brent

The oil super-cycle is finally on its downward turn. What are the implications for the industry?

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Is There a Future for OPEC?

Is Saudi Arabia taking the opportunity of the price drop to signal its inability to control upward prices in the future?