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P U B L I S H E D      A R T I C L E S

For an industry that is used to long term contracts and guaranteed markets, changes are proving unsettling. A predicted 2020s gas glut is looking less certain.

Premature Predictions for


GEO Expro Vol 11 no 1 LNG.pdf

Is There a Future for OPEC?

Is Saudi Arabia taking the opportunity of the price drop to signal its inability to control upward prices in the future?


Turkey is slipping into authoritarianism and conflict. How stable is the West's key ally and oil supply route?


A Key Transit State in Crisis

Turkey Pipelines 02.pdf

Ceyhan, Turkey

An Unassuming Hub

Most inhabitants of this strategically important oil export centre are unaware of their town's significance in the world economy. 

The Implications of Peace


GEO ExPro Vol 12 n3 Industry Issues Iran.pdf

Discoveries of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean have surprised the world. Will they help build bridges of peace or simply exacerbate tensions in this conflict-prone area?

The Levantine Basin:

Prospects and Pitfalls

Levantine Basin 04.pdf

Saudi Arabia is the world’s only ‘swing producer’, able to increase and decrease production at will. But is this a role it wants to have – and has it actually got the ability to perform it?

Saudi Arabia:

The World’s Swing Producers

Saudi Reserves Author Proof JW.pdf GEO ExPro V12 n3 GEO Cities Ceyhan.pdf

A complicated war


Yemen Issues 03.pdf