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P U B L I S H E D      A R T I C L E S

Falling Brent

The oil super-cycle is finally on its downward turn. What are the implications for the industry?

Is the hydrocarbon industry’s role simply to create wealth or to take a leadership role on corruption and the environment? Petex’s forum delivered two explicit challenges to the industry…

The World in our Hands?

In a rare, candid interview with a Wall Street oil analyst, Lee Raymond, CEO of ExxonMobil 1999 to 2005, was asked what was the one issue that kept him awake at night? His reply was ‘reserve replacement’…

Thirteen Years in the Life of

a Super-Major

Premature Predictions for LNG?

For an industry that is used to long term contracts and guaranteed markets, changes are proving unsettling. A predicted 2020s gas glut is looking less certain.

Despite record levels of capital investment since 2005, oil production outside of North America has virtually flat-lined and investors are losing confidence. 

Capital Discipline -

A shake-up for the Industry

Geomedia Private Empire 02.pdf World in Our Hands 04 (1).pdf GEO Expro Vol 11 no 1 LNG.pdf GEO ExPro V11 n4 Capital Discipline.pdf

Scientists tells us that any rise in global temperatures needs to be limited to less than two degrees over pre-industrial times.

Displacing coal is the primary focus. Does gas provide a useful stepping stone to a decarbonised future?

Decarbonising Energy

Is There a Future for OPEC?

 Is Saudi Arabia taking the opportunity of the price drop to signal its inability to control upward prices in the future?


GEO Expro Vol11 n6 Decarbonising Energy.pdf

How much do fossil fuel companies benefit from the public purse?

Levelling the Playing Field

Investing under a carbon cloud

Not Seeing the Wood for the Trees

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