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P U B L I S H E D      A R T I C L E S

Marion King Hubbert

A life-long quest for the bigger picture

Money Really Isn’t Everything

The story of the infamous Koch brothers is both riveting and cringe-inducing, a painful confirmation of everything your mother told you about the evils of money.

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Venezuela now rivals Saudi Arabia in oil reserves and it is oil – and its mismanagement – that brought Chavez to power and oil that fuelled his ‘Bolivarian revolution’…

15 Years of Hugo Chavez

The Frackers

This is the book of our time, the story of the US shale revolution told through the lives of the 'part gamblers, part salesmen, part geologists' who were at the cutting edge.

Silverstein's skim through the world of fixers, traders and lobbyists manages to bring new detail, most notably to the under-discussed activities of the Swiss-based commodity houses.

The Secret World of Oil

Thirteen Years

in the Life of a Super-Major

In a rare, candid interview with a Wall Street oil analyst, Lee Raymond, CEO of ExxonMobil 1999 to 2005, was asked what was the one issue that kept him awake at night? His reply was ‘reserve replacement’…

Starring Matt Damon, Promised Land is a low-key, thoughtful drama that aims to unpick some of the human realities driving the US social and economic fracking phenomenon.

Promised Land

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We are becoming 'masters of our climate' and must not succumb to 'pernicious sustainability policies' writes Alex Epstein.

The Morality of a Zealot

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