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Both political turmoil and oil theft are increasing costs for oil companies and threatening supplies. Can some of the demand-side causes be tackled?

Unrest Hits

West African  Oil and Gas

Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Bill: six years of stop-go progress on oil industry reform has resulted in a bill that falls far short of its original transparency and revenue generation goals…

  The Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill:

   A Shadow of its Former Self

Oil has been the catalyst for investment, reviving Takoradi's fortunes as an export hub for Ghana's many resources - but benefits to the local economy remain elusive. 


Ghana’s Oil City

Industry Issues Nigeria 03.pdf

Ben Asante's story is full of significant and unusual personal firsts.

  Ben Asante:

   Riding the Wave

GEO ExPro v11 n5 Profile Ben Asante.pdf

Despite government protestations that oil revenues would be managed transparently, Ghana is succumbing to the 'resource curse'.


From African Star to IMF Bail-out

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P U B L I S H E D      A R T I C L E S