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Coming Talks

Nikki Jones MSc

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Global & UK Energy

What is Climate Change?

Global Energy Trends

UK Energy, Emissions & Targets

Climate and Energy Lectures Bristol 2018

Is Nuclear The Answer?

Land Use And Climate Change

The Way Forward

A Beginner's Guide to the Oil and Gas Industries


Reducing Carbon, a Personal Story

Carley’s, a Zero Carbon Business

Oil Pricing

Two studies exploring factors behind the high and volatile Brent oil price in 2012, its divergence from WTI, and the impact on the super-majors.

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Chris & Jess Cut Carbon  

EU Countries’ Ambition Ranks

Harbourside Protest

Saving Power & Gas at Home

New Gas Pipelines into Europe

Some personal thoughts on adaptation

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Our 1.5 degree budget  

Advice on getting an air source heat pump

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Green Steps

1. I eat my words – Scottish Power goes 100% renewable

2. The first ‘sector deal’ for renewables – good, but not enough

3. Gas is not ‘clean’ – the courts agree

4. Europe’s biomass demand is causing biodiversity collapse

5. Tell the Euro bank to invest in renewables… and let’s give HSBC a shove

6. Ammonia pollution is killing some of our most efficient carbon sequestration

7. Soy – Brazil’s cerrado is being devastated

8. Organic UK-grown quinoa – an alternative to rice and all-round super-food!

9. Bad news from Antarctica but some hope on the ‘methane bomb’

10. China’s plastic demand slows just as supply of petrochemical plants surges

11. Local green / sustainability groups - could you start or join one in your area?

Some ideas on low income holidays

Airport Fox

Local Green Sustainability Groups